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Helping You Return & Earn

Beverage Container Redemption Services for Businesses and Charities

Bottle and Can Collections offer a door to door collection and container processing service to assist for high volume venues across the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area.

We provide a fast, reliable and cost effective solution to access your container refunds and reduce the cost of waste and recycling. With over 20 years working on Container Deposit systems around the world we'll get you sorted!

Call Anthony or Dave us on 02 9817 7167 to find out more.

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Getting You Sorted

Recycling Bottles

About Us

Bottle and Can Collections is a unique recycling company formed by Dave West and Anthony Lazzaro, focussed on providing collection services to help pubs, clubs, charities and hospitality focussed business to access the NSW Return & Earn Scheme. 

Dave and Anthony have dedicated over 20 years of their lives to waste and recycling - first as champions of the push for NSW to adopt a Container  Deposit Scheme at the Boomerang Alliance (which Dave founded in 2003) and then helping seven charities to establish the CitizenBlue automated bulk redemption depot at Five Dock. 

Now independemnt of any individual depot our focus is to deliver effective and affordable redemption services to turn your trash into cash.

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